Julie Henderson:
The Zapchen Somatic – Yi Jing (English language e-book version)


Julie Henderson:
The Zapchen Somatic – Yi Jing

Bielefeld 2021
160 pages, e-book
ISBN 978-3-86039-051-1



The Zapchen Somatic Yi Jing by Julie Henderson is a surprising interpretation of the I Ching, the oldest wisdom book of mankind. There are many translations of the I Ching, whose language consists of images that open up awareness of the underlying movement in a life situation. Julie Henderson succeeds in this as if in a direct conversation with memorable pictures and references to Zapchen Somatic’s solutions in the situation. The language of the text is fresh and cheeky. The book can simply be used as an oracle or as a training to truly recognize what is true. As you play with your questions and the answers that emerge as line patterns, the complex totality of Julie Henderson’s teachings opens up.