Julie Henderson:
The Hum Book (English language e-book version)


Julie Henderson:
The Hum Book

Bielefeld 2022
96 pages, e-book
ISBN 978-3-86039-054-2



Julie Henderson’s book describes the amazing effects of humming on our bodies.It shows us how we can change the structures of the body and mind that have been shaped by experience – even without an elaborate examination of our life history. This happens through the palpable pulsation of sound. It is the most intimate touch of our neurochemistry, immune and endocrine systems; the language our bodies understand best. It is this very touch that can provide the experience of being alive, but also open the door to the unimagined possibilities of expanded perception.

In addition to a thorough explanation of how humming works, Julie Henderson delights readers in this book with simple and playful exercises.

A read that is worthwhile!