Julie Henderson:
Embodying Well-Being (English language e-book version)


Julie Henderson:
Embodying Well-Being

Bielefeld 2023
124 pages, e-book
ISBN 978-3-86039-061-0



This unusual book „EMBODYING WELL-BEING“ by Dr. Julie Henderson shows 44 playful body exercises that can accompany us into well-being. Even beyond …

The concise, only seemingly simple texts are structured in three stages. In the HOW the exercise is explained, in the WHY on the opposite page its effect. The texts reveal the author’s humorous compassionate understanding and profound knowledge of physiological reality, psychological patterns and spiritual wisdom.

Julie Henderson invites everyone, regardless of education, profession, political or cultural views, to follow the unusual suggestion to feel well – regardless of anything else – and to give up waiting for „better times“. At the same time, your exercises are an invitation to the body/mind to engage in the adventure of maturing.
The effect unfolds in the doing.
„Welcome to the game.“